Dining Downtown

Right here in the heart of our city there are several different dining options to share with you. It’s as if the unofficial menu of California eats all met in our downtown. From wood fired pizza to California sushi and a Mexican restaurant too the options are plenty....

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Take Your Time

Enjoy the slower pace that most locals do. They do because most places one happens to see a familiar face and stop to take the time and say hello. One of the charming aspects downtown Ukiah offers is that you can take your time perusing all we have to offer. The...

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Downtown in Fall Colors

Fall Colors The kids are back in school, the mornings start of brisk and the streets of Ukiah are heavily lined in abundance of color that is quite enchanting. It is fall and everyone is dressed in layers because even though the mornings start off chilly the high for...

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We envision the heart of Ukiah being the economic and cultural center of a thriving small town community.